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Currently I am scheduling my own appointments by phone or on-line. Please call (503) 318-9490 or click the "book now" link to the right to make an appointment on-line.

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I am available at the following times.

Monday: 12pm to 5:30pm

Tuesday: 9am to 5pm

Wednesday: 12pm to 8pm

Thursday: 9am to 5pm

Friday: 9am to 5pm

If you have any questions or trouble with scheduling please call me at 503-318-9490, or email me at roberto@kumoacupuncture.com.


Turtle Longevity and Great Compassion Qi Gong

In Oriental Medicine Fall is a time of harvest. In Qi Gong, our intention shifts to gathering Qi so as to have resources to help us through the Winter. Please join me as I teach these two short forms. They are both standing meditations. Turtle Longevity uses movement and visualization to calm the mind and strengthen your energy reserves. Great Compassion Qi Gong uses chanting and mudras to open the heart and create a lasting sense of peace, and is wonderful for improving memory and avoiding dementia. This series will be held Monday evenings at 7pm. The cost for the series is $50, or $10 per session. The series will go from 10/15/2018 to 11/19/2018. We will meet in the Many Waters Wellness Center.

If you have any questions, or want to learn this form please contact me.