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Calendar of Events

Qi Gong

I will begin instruction on Jade Body Qi Gong on Thursday 10/5/2017. The class will be held Thursday evenings at 7pm until Thanksgiving, at Many Waters Wellness Center. The cost for the series is $55, or $10 per session.

Qi Gong means breath work or energy work depending on how you translate the characters. It is an ancient form of moving meditation. It uses breathing exercises in combination with simple stretches. Regular practice of Qi Gong can relieve stress and anxiety, balance hormones, regulate digestion and improve balance.

Jade Body Qi Gong uses a specific combination of stretching, chanting, and relaxation to powerfully boost the immune system and strengthen the spine. Like all Qi Gong, this form is also helpful in improving balance, nourishing the internal organs, calming the mind, and promoting longevity. Continued practice of Jade Body Qi Gong is said to give one the longevity of the turtle, grace of the crane, and power of the dragon.

This will be a beginner's class, but all skill levels are welcome.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to participate in this class.