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Roberto leading Qi Gong

I believe that my role is to guide you to optimal health and so I enjoy offering classes on varied topics which can help you reach your fullest potential through many different angles. Some of the classes below are offered on a regular schedule others are offered based on interest. Therefore, if you would like to take one of the following classes which is not currently being offered (or would like training in another health related subject) contact me so that I may schedule the class.

Qi Gong in the Park

Currently, I am teaching Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing in Pioneer Park, Thursday evenings at 7pm. Please see my Calendar of Events page for more information about this class

Qi Gong helps foster harmony with nature and its cycles. This aspect of the practice is especially powerful when done out in a natural setting. For this reason as long as the weather cooperates, we will hold class in Pioneer Park so that we can do Qi Gong outside.

This is a beginner's class, but all skill levels are welcome. Yi Jin Xi Sui Jing means stretching tendons and purifying marrow. This is a classical form and one of the oldest and best known Qi Gong forms in China. Legend holds that Bodhidarma himself developed and taught this form with the help of Shao Lin monks in order to undo the weakness caused by excessive seated meditation. Practicing this form strengthens the body, purifies and nourishes the internal organs, and improves mental function. According to Buddha, improving your physical state will have a profound effect on your spiritual state.

Introduction to Qi Gong through 1000 Hands Buddha

1000 Hands Buddha is an elegant form of seated meditation which can help you find peace and discover your inner strengths. It is especially helpful in treating stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

This class will resume in the Fall, at the Many Waters Wellness Center, at 7pm.

This course is tailored for the beginner, but all skill levels are welcomed.

Every class will start with a meditation warm up followed by 1000 Hands Buddha Qi Gong. After the form there will be a short discussion time for any questions that may arise regarding meditation in general or 1000 Hands Buddha specifically. Then each week a different qi gong exercise will be introduced encouraging the discovery of qi through different forms.

Please see my Calendar of Events page for more information about this class

Roberto leading 1000 Hands Buddha

Eight Treasures Qi Gong

Eight Treasures Qi Gong is a standing form developed to gently strengthen the tendons and muscles. This form is great for beginners as it teaches you to feel the connection of mind and body, and develops a meditative quite mind. I enjoy leading this form outdoors as it is easier to feel the flow of qi when you are in a natural setting. Each class is an hour long and Often, I introduce other short meditations as well. I have not determined a time or place for this class yet and so let me know if you are interested.

Anti-Cancer Qi Gong

This is a beginner's class, and I will introduce many simple forms that strengthen the immune system, but will focus on a walking meditation known as "Xi Xi Hu." This form strengthens the immune system, nourishes the internal organs, and calms the mind and so is beneficial for anyone seeking to improve their health. If you have any questions, or want to learn this form please contact me.

Below is a list of possible additional forms you may request if attending either of the above classes.

  • Stomach Harmonization from 8 Treasures Qi Gong.

    This is a brief standing exercise taken from two of the eight movements from 8 Treasures which help to strengthen and heal the digestive tract.

  • Clearing the Lungs from 8 Treasures Qi Gong.

    This is a third movement taken from 8 Treasures. It is also a brief standing exercise. This routine is helpful in clearing the lungs and chest of congestion and aids in stimulating the immune system.

  • Four Breaths for Compassion.

    This is a short standing routine that has many different names and interpretations by different qi gong schools. This form is powerful in treating anxiety and building patience by cultivating a strong and compassionate heart/spirit.

  • Four Kinds of Abdominal Breathing.

    This is a brief routine from the Ling Gui International School of Qi Gong which aids in the storage and circulation of qi in the lower dan tian. It massages all the internal organs and raises qi to the head. Therefore, the form is useful for any digestive discomfort, tension in the chest, and/or memory loss.

  • Walking Ba Gua.

    This is a simple walking meditation that harmonizes the qi of all the acupuncture channels in the body. This form is excellent in treating fatigue from any cause and is especially helpful when recovering from severe illness.

  • Qi Gong for Children

    Children are usually more attuned to their body's energy and needs than adults are. If this awareness is encouraged you can set the stage for healthy habits for the rest of their life. In China children begin formal instruction in qi gong around age 4. This class is for parents and children to attend together. The forms are lively and are designed to nourish the body's internal organs in a playful yet powerful way. The forms learned in this class are the Ultimate Compassion Meditation wich involves chanting and finger exercises which stimulate brain development, and Five Animal Qi Gong Play which incorporates movements that imitate the tiger, deer, bear, monkey and crane to stretch and strengthen the body and nourish the internal organs.

    Rules to Eat By

    This is a nutrition course offered for those who want to eat more healthily but are confused by all the conflicting information found in the media. This course meets for three two hour classes and discusses basic guidelines to follow for a truly healthy diet, lifestyle habits related to eating to minimize exposure to toxins and maximize digestive health, and basic Chinese medical nutrition concepts.

    Healthy Weight loss

    This is an eight week course based on Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations in his book Eat to Live. The class provides instruction for the 6 week challenge, a forum to discuss difficulties or frustrations with the recommendations, a support network for the challenge and includes weekly acupuncture treatments to help improve results and strengthen resolve.

    Toxin Awareness

    This is a class for those who understand that we are surrounded by toxins in our environment but are unsure what can be done. The class meets for three two hour sessions and discusses the origins of toxins in our environment, how to avoid or minimize exposure, and where to turn to for further action. A safe detoxification program will be introduced and weekly acupuncture is included.

    Self-Care Techniques

    This class is tailored for those who wish to take their health into their own hands. The course teaches basic Chinese medical techniques that are safe to use in your home for yourself and your loved ones. The class meets for three two hour sessions and tuition includes a home health supply kit. Topics discussed are moxa therapy, cupping, and self-massage.

    Massage for Friends and Family

    Self-care is wonderful but there are times when we heal faster when we surrender control and allow our loved ones to care for us. This course is designed for couples, partner, or friends who would like to learn different styles of therapeutic massage which they can use to care for each other and their families. Topics covered are Shiatsu, Sotai, and Reflexology. This course meets for six two hour sessions.

    Pediatric Tui Na

    This course is for parents who wish to learn the basics of infant massage.

    The course meets for three two hour sessions and covers basic diagnostic and treatment skills. After completion of this course parents will have the tools to treat the most common childhood complaints such as constipation, diarrhea, congestion, asthma, and the common cold. For an additional cost parents can purchase and be trained in the use of a Tei Shin - a non-penetrating needle which can amplify the effects of the massage.